"DOBCO Solar Energy is responding with innovative products and solutions essential to sustaining life and protecting Earth's precious resources for future generations."

The DOBCO Solar Energy team offers extensive experience and global representation to create solar energy solutions for any client's renewable energy needs. DOBCO Solar Energy allows customers to host solar energy programs in a cost-effective method free of capital outlay and upfront costs. DOBCO Solar Energy's global accessibility accounts for fully managed services with low retail energy rates to service customers in a large range of sects, from commercial projects to development to large scale government and utility systems.

DOBCO Solar Energy develops comprehensive programs for clients to achieve strategic objectives, from technology and resource assessment to system design and implementation. DOBCO Solar Energy's extensive range of services includes:

  • Insolation Resource Analysis
  • Monitoring Station Operations and Data Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • System Design and Specification
  • Long-Term Energy Prediction Analysis
  • System Design and Shading Reviews
  • System Installation Inspection and Verification
  • Optimization of Federal, State and Utility Incentives
  • Assistance in Engineering and Project Management
  • Transmission and Distribution System Impact

DOBCO Solar Energy identifies areas with strong solar resources and secures key development sites, and then applies its development expertise to distinguish between sites that can and cannot be developed in a cost-effective manner.


Solar energy plants provide clean, quiet alternatives to maintaining energy resources, do not have any polluting emissions and use little additional natural resources. Solar plants can be placed in nearly every geographical region as the sun is an available, unlimited resource. Solar power plants can be permitted and installed faster than other traditional or renewable power plants.

Solar Energy produces local, on-site energy, which reduces the need for extensive high-voltage transmission lines or a complex infrastructure. Photovoltaic systems also last longer than other energy sources and creates clean, renewable energy.

Advantages of Solar Energy and DOBCO Solar Energy Services:

  • Quickly deployed photovoltaic solar energy
  • No upfront capital costs
  • Transparency in energy delivered and financial savings
  • Energy savings